Frequently Asked Questions

Some of the particulars appear to be inaccurate. What can I do to have the updated information displyed?
Contact support.

I have renewed my driver's permit but the expiry date still shows that it is expired. What can I do to have the updated information displayed?
Contact support.

I Can't find by Driver's Permit on the system?
Please enter only numbers in the driver permit input text box. Ensure that the date is entered in the format YYYY-MM-DD as on the printed driver permit. Contact support.

Can I use the print form from the system as a replacement for my driver's Permit?
No. The printout or reports from this online service do not replace the official driver permit card.

How can I perform searches?
Searches are freely available to everyone. The service can be accessed by visiting the following website address

What are the benefits of using this service?
Persons could verify registration details which were registered with the Ministry.

Can I print copies of the document?
Yes. After downloading and opening the document you can print any number of copies of the document at your convenience.